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TIPS that really WORK!!!

As of April 13, 2016 EasyCardz.com 

Each Salesperson is sent by text a digital copy of their business card as a proof.  This file is optimized for digital devices   (ie Ipad, smart phones, et.c).  Save this file to your phone and use it to text to your potential customer.

This work great for taking sales calls.  "Mr Customer, Is this your cell phone number you are callin  in on?"    Yes...   Perfect I will text you my business card so you will have my information when you get here!  

Take a picture of their driver's license with your phone before you go on a test drive...With a copy of the driver license and the custome'rs cell phone number, You have captured all the information you need to properly follow up with the customer.

EasyCardz does not offer simple cookie-cutter design templates for you to choose from.  

We work directly with you to develop fully customized business cards.  

  • As a Marketing and Graphic Design professional for over 20 years, I have charged $100s & $1,000s to develop company logos for new companies. We created all required marketing materials for companies from brochures to billboards to help promote their companies.  We worked with many new companies to define and develop their brand identity and brand recognition within their communities.  
  • My goal is to take this same approach to help you with one of the MOST IMPORTANT and Least expensive elements of your entire marketing plan.